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Special Hero Story Books for Children, Worldwide

Does your little champ adore superhero books?  If so, you are in the right place.  S.E.C.A. Vision is the first of its kind portal for books and merchandise about special needs children with super powers.

At S.E.C.A. Vision, you can easily and safely order books online.  Our books are created with high quality and interactive content.  We aim to positively represent the amazing gifts of all special heroes in the world.

Our Books

At S.E.C.A. Vision, we offer action and adventure stories for children ranging from 10 to 13 years of age, to satisfy their superpower cravings.

Our books aim to inspire special needs children on how, with the help of their family and friends, they can overcome and defeat their challenges (i.e. autism), like true superheroes.

Meet the Characters

At S.E.C.A., we continually strive to offer the best fictional stories. As new special heroes join Team S.E.C.A., we will introduce more special heroes... Until all challenges have been defeated.  Be sure to keep in touch with us to remain up to date on future characters.

Our Collection

S.E.C.A. Special Heroes

The Legend of Super Eye Fly (S.E.C.A. Special Heroes Book 1)

This first iteration of the S.E.C.A. Special Heroes series invokes the idea of Y.O.T.T. Club Media (Ge-No and YeN), along with the action and adventure of Rush Comics.

This story-line jump-starts the tradition of Edgar Robinson's paintings of beautiful landscapes, vivid colors, and science fictional elements. The Super Eye Fly was first sketched 40 years ago and is now embodied in a children's book series, recreating the magic.

S.E.C.A Vision
S.E.C.A Vision

The Legend of Lady Su (S.E.C.A. Special Heroes Book 2)

The second installment of S.E.C.A. Special Heroes embraces the concept of Y.O.T.T. Club Media (Ge-No and YeN), blending with the action and adventure of Rush Comics. Some 40 years after the Super Eye Fly was painted, The Legend of Lady Su was created. This historical leap also begins with Edgar Robinson's paintings of beautiful landscapes, bright colors and science fiction elements of Super Eye Fly.