About The Author

Our Passion - Superhero Stories for Special Needs Children

S.E.C.A. was founded by Don Icon to create superhero books about special needs children. We believe in empowering our special needs super heroes with honesty, integrity, and inspirational stories.

Our books are not limited to comic lovers, but also aim to enlighten all the children that want to understand the unique qualities of special needs children around the world.

S.E.C.A Vision

A Unique Story & Approach

We are one of a kind curators and content creators. We provide unique, fun, educational material, novelty items, artwork, and clothing to uplift persons with special needs, disabilities, or for those living in at-risk environments. Our vision is unrivaled, because we get our inspiration for creating special hero characters from special needs children.

Involvement in Special Needs Community

Author Don Icon has been a part of the special needs community all of his life. Since childhood, he has shared in the lives of young family members and close friends with special needs.

While he was serving in the military, he used to go on countless visits to children’s hospitals. These visits were an additional inspiration for him, which were later poured into his writing.

This remarkable connection to the special needs community prepared him to support one of his sons, who, at a very young age, was diagnosed with a developmental challenge.

S.E.C.A Vision
S.E.C.A Vision


Don's life-goal has always been supporting and empowering the special needs community. He was also fascinated by the earth science, martial arts, and endangered species protection, which served as a foundation for this author's beautiful landscape. With the collaboration with Y.O.T.T. Club Media, Rush Studios, and freelance artist Edgar D. Robinson, Don created the Special Heroes books.

Stay in touch with us to catch the first glimpse of the Special Heroes series.